When you are in the market for a quality rug, deciding which rugs are the best can be a challenge. There are so many designs and quality to choose from, Turkish rugs, Chinese rugs, Persian rugs, Pakistani rugs, Egyptian rugs, Indian rugs, Tibetan rugs, and the list goes on.

Everyone wants to know what country produces the best rugs? This is one of the most popular questions asked by customers. However, there really is no answer for this because each country and rug maker has qualities different from the others.

If looking for a quality decorative rug, then you will want to choose Egyptian rugs. Egyptian carpets give a room the quality look you are seeking that other designs just cannot compete with. The colorful design can help make a room “pop”

However, there is no denying the established history and heritage of the Persian rug. With a sense of history Persian rugs add an elegant look to any room. These rugs from Iran are highly prized by collectors and hold their value for years.

When talking history, we cannot forget to include Turkish rugs. People have been weaving these distinguished rugs in Turkey for centuries. Their creative designs help to create a symbiosis that contributes to a renaissance feel.